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  1. Hi both, Thank you for your comments, greatly appreciated as always. I understand a lot more which way I need to take in terms of getting started. I will look into Freetrade's Share Dealing Platform, ideally I'd like to work with a 'cheap' share dealing platform that offers a demo account, as one of my main concerns is not understanding the platform well enough before I start putting my money down. My final question to you both, (as I'm sure at this point I am becoming an annoyance) @gezmond I know you have already stated a couple of different share-dealing platforms, b
  2. Thank you both for your comments, it's massively appreciated. I apologise for sounding very inexperienced, but I thought using the CFD Platform on IG was the way to buy shares. A question directed at both of you, on what platform can I buy shares? IG has only CFD and IG? What online platforms do you recommend I look at?
  3. I understand that they are both risky. But don't you buy and sell shares (as you recommended) using the CFD platform on IG? Or am I missing something??
  4. Hi, Thank you for your reply. Greatly appreciated. Yes after looking into it a bit more, I will definitely be starting out with CFD. In your opinion what is a good platform to start off with? I have a demo account that i've been using with IG for a couple of weeks now, and I quite like it. But are there any others out there more suited to a beginner? Thank you!
  5. Hi Charlotte, Thank you! This makes so much sense, and I can't believe I didn't realise this right at the start. If possible, can I ask one more question? In your experience, would you recommend that I operate on the CFD platform (especially at the start of my investment 'career'). It seems more understandable to laymen such as I. What are the advantages / disadvantages of CFD vs Spreadbetting? Thank you again, and kind regards. Sam.
  6. Hi Everyone, I hope this message finds all readers well amidst the current mess we find ourselves in. I have decided like many others recently to get into the world of 'trading', however I am trying to be smart and spend a good few months researching and understanding further before I even consider parting with my hard-saved cash. My first question, and it is probably the most stupid, however I can't find a definitive, simple answer anywhere! Why, when I want to open a trade with lets say BT Group, it doesn't allow me in input a certain amount of money/request a number o
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