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  1. Would appear CMC are the next best option if interested in US stocks. I'll be taking a deeper dive into DD to find out.
  2. Still no response from IG, alarm bells are ringing. Your platform has cost me serious amounts of money over the past 6 weeks. First with the period of time when your website & app completely stopped working (criminal), this cost me thousands in profits as I couldn't close my AMC trade. Then this past week, I wanted to enter into a new SPAC FRX at $11 (as low risk as investments get as the floor is $10) yet the closing only message prevented me from doing so... FRX has since increased to $15 and will continue to increase in my opinion. Regretfully I'm going to begin the process of transferring to a competitor; CMC, Saxo Markets, Spreadex... who? I'm unsure yet. I'll begin my DD into these companies this weekend and will decide next week... will post in this thread for the benefit of my fellow investors experiencing similar issues.
  3. 50% of stocks are supposedly "closing only", is there any response to this @IG?
  4. Hi there, Using Spread Betting on your platform feels like I'm constantly being restricted to what I would like to invest in by the "closing only" message. ARKK, BETZ, NGAC + many others all fall into the "closing only" category - this is restricting how I'm choosing to invest. I'm intending on placing a big order into the ARKX SPAC via Spread Betting on the day this is released mid to late March - can I expect the same issues which ARKX? I'm on the cusp of opening accounts elsewhere in the hope they don't restrict how I choose to invest. Please advise, Tom
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