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  1. Would appear CMC are the next best option if interested in US stocks. I'll be taking a deeper dive into DD to find out.
  2. Still no response from IG, alarm bells are ringing. Your platform has cost me serious amounts of money over the past 6 weeks. First with the period of time when your website & app completely stopped working (criminal), this cost me thousands in profits as I couldn't close my AMC trade. Then this past week, I wanted to enter into a new SPAC FRX at $11 (as low risk as investments get as the floor is $10) yet the closing only message prevented me from doing so... FRX has since increased to $15 and will continue to increase in my opinion. Regretfully I'm going to begi
  3. 50% of stocks are supposedly "closing only", is there any response to this @IG?
  4. Hi there, Using Spread Betting on your platform feels like I'm constantly being restricted to what I would like to invest in by the "closing only" message. ARKK, BETZ, NGAC + many others all fall into the "closing only" category - this is restricting how I'm choosing to invest. I'm intending on placing a big order into the ARKX SPAC via Spread Betting on the day this is released mid to late March - can I expect the same issues which ARKX? I'm on the cusp of opening accounts elsewhere in the hope they don't restrict how I choose to invest. Please advise, Tom
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