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  1. The demo. For instance, in cryptocurrency, Crypto 10 Index is 14460.02 for selling and a bit higher for buying. What does that mean?
  2. Okay, but it doesn't have a $ sign there, just numbers, do the numbers represent the price? For instance Tesla is way higher than the other ones.
  3. I just have a regular share trading account. I saw this mainly on the demo account I am using.
  4. Hi, so I'm just wondering, on shares, some have a buy price of say 1967 while a sell price of 1965, is this how much each share costs, or is this number representative of something else?
  5. Hi Charrlotte, for some reason my application keeps getting rejected. What is it exactly that I'm missing? Aren't there systems in place from preventing me from trading any further than what I can afford? Yet I'm still not allowed to trade with CFD's??
  6. Hi, I tried to open another CFD account but it isn't there for me to select. I did try creating another account, however, it was declined and it said I already had an account and suspended the account I tried to create.
  7. I've just tried opening another account, they locked it. I feel like I keep hitting a wall here, I've had to make 2 new accounts now, because support will not answer emails or the phones.
  8. Arghh! This is so frustrating! I'm based in Australia by the way, it keeps trying to get me to make a new account, and support isn't answering my emails.
  9. Hi, this is the problem, it only allows me to choose "share trading", there's nothing else, what do I do?
  10. I’ve been practicing on the CFD market on the demo, since regular markets take far too long to drop or rise. however when I opened a ‘proper’ account it won’t let me buy or trade CFD’s. I heard you need 10k in order to trade? Fair enough. I also heard you need 500k, I find that ridiculous. how do I open a CFD account, this is driving me nuts!
  11. Okay, cool. Also, for some reason the wording is different on the actual account than it is for the demo account, it doesn't say Margin for me, is this normal?
  12. What I mean is, say you buy 100 shares/etc, and it drops by 10 points, you decide to wait it out and it rises by 20 points. Do you have to pay for when it dropped by 10 points?
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