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  1. Anyone trading options is probably best off using an options broker as IGs spreads are often unfeasible for out of the money and cheap options. I do hate the way IG close out trades due to pure spread changes, like when markets close for a short period between exchanges. Like why are we getting closed out by a sudden increase in the spread when the market isn't even going to be open. Why can't IG simply leave the trade and the spread as it was until we see what the market reopens at? We have to be able to cover our loses regardless and if the market is closing then rather than claiming stupi
  2. Totally agree, the spread should be on the open, the close should be set by what's traded on the market, only fair way to do it.
  3. I've been stopped out before with similar circumstances and must say l think it's wrong to be closed out on guaranteed stops when the CFD never actually traded at the closing price. I can understand non guaranteed stops being closed out to avoid larger losses but if it's guaranteed then it should only close out if a trade happens at or past the given level, not just a purely made up spread. What would be far better is if the spread was all on the opening of a trade and the stops only activated on traded levels.
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