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  1. Hi thanks for the reply they told me that the company were changing from euro to GBP and instead of 0.92 was displayed at 92 euros and the price was an error it took them a day and a half to inform me of the error i will see if i can get a goodwill gesture for the error never know and thanks for taking time to respond. Tony
  2. Hi i am new to trading practiced on the demo account until i was familiar with the layout and opened live account just over a couple weeks ago just trading shares i purchased £98.00 worth of shares with Hibernia Reit PLC approx 2 weeks ago. Woke yesterday morning to find these shares were now worth £31452,52 so i closed the position and was pretty excited but alas short lived received a email this afternoon saying that it was an error and they were sorry i needed to refund the money until then i cannot trade only close any open positions well that is a great start to my hopefully it
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