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  1. Hi - I've got a demo account with IG and have an IG supplied MT4 on my desktop computer. I've tried to download a copy for my laptop using my login details that I have for the web based IG platform. It wont let me download it - I would like to keep the original account - is this possible? Can i use a web based MT4 with IG? - Thanks in advance - Phil
  2. Thanks very much for the info - very useful - If I trade the US indices - will MT4 give the amounts in dollars or pounds? - Regards - Phil
  3. Hi - Are the small amounts that can be staked on MT4 on the demo account available on the live account? - I.E. the 0.01 to 0.05 amounts and would it be £'s or $'s? Also the minimum allowance for the proximity to market of a stop is much higher on MT4 than when trading on the IG chart - any ideas why? - Thanks - Phil
  4. Thanks for info - all sorted now - thanks
  5. Hi - Is it possible to download MT4 on a demo account?
  6. Hi - Is it possible to download MT4 on a demo account?
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