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  1. Good luck WillB96! I ended up being forward some correspondence between the transfer departments. IG had the cheque throughout, but didn't process it for a very long time. My guess is a massive backlog but who knows. Once I asked nationwide to cancel I had the money back very quickly and did a new transfer to my Barclays ISA that took about a week. If I were you I'd cancel something taking that long without clear path to resolving.
  2. Mine was resolved recently. Nationwide had made a mistake - IG hadn't cashed the cheque that was sent to them. They were able to cancel the cheque and restore funds in my ISA so I could transfer this elsewhere. Throughout IG customer service had been a nightmare - repeatedly web chat promised to come back to me by the end of the day, but never did so. Putting the problem back to me to resolve. Refusal to escalate. On the phone they said they had just received the funds and will be credited to my account in 24 hours (untrue). Knocked my confidence in IG enough to transfer elsewhere, which is a shame as the ISA product is perfect for me (flexible, £3, lowish fx), and there isn't really an equivalent elsewhere with these features. I have a large spread bet position with them which I feel worried about now given what happens when there is a problem. Good luck with yours!
  3. Yes it feels a bit opaque - could do with some better help guides written for this sort of thing. If it followed the example from my JLEN test then it's the full gross amount which feels surprisingly good. I'd expect withholding tax to be deducted for countries that apply that though. I'd have thought the IG price would follow the market so should open lower in theory. But I'm returning to spread betting after a long time away, and I don't know for sure - perhaps someone who did could comment.
  4. Good to hear someone was confused in the same way! The share I bought was JLEN rather than JLG, to make the test as cheap as possible. The dividend adjustment was exactly in line with the declared dividend: "Dividend The Company announces a quarterly interim dividend of 1.69 pence per share for the quarter ended 31 December 2020, in line with the dividend target of 6.76p per share for the year to 31 March 20211, as set out in the 2020 Annual Report. The Company reiterates its expectation of meeting that target. Dividend Timetable Ex-dividend date 4 March 2021 Record date 5 March 2021 Payment date 26 March 2021" I was pleased the full dividend was applied - I thought some could be retained as a tax equivalent from what I had read elsewhere. So better than I expected. I'm hoping distributing ETFs work in the same way, which is mainly what I plan to hold.
  5. I am having a similar problem. An isa transfer that the building society confirmed had been drawn by IG a month ago. IG say they can't find it and asked me to obtain proof from the building society. I asked to escalate / complain but they say there is no way to do this other than the formal complaints process which can take up to 8 weeks. Transfers take time and are inevitably frustrating. It's the lack of action or an escalation process when funds go missing that knocks my confidence. I'm in two minds whether to persist with the isa and maybe just keep IG for spread betting/CFDs. The IG platform is so good compared to others, but I'm worried if I have a problem there is no one to sort it out.
  6. In case anyone is searching for this topic I bought one fwd equity as a test and did receive a dividend adjustment on the date it went ex-dividend: John Laing Environmental Assets Group LimitedJUN-21 04/03/21 DIVIDEND Adjustment for dividend in John Laing Environmental Assets Group Limited £1.69 I'm going to assume you do get dividend adjustments but will be careful with size until I've seen a few more be paid. If anyone from IG could confirm that dividend adjustments are paid for equity and ETF forwards that would be reassuring.
  7. Hi, Have asked IG a couple of times and been told you do not receive dividend adjustments on forward contracts on individual equities. I still have doubts about this. The pricing of the quarterly contracts are higher than DFB, even for equities with high dividends. They are also very similar regardless of size of dividend. The terms and conditions also imply dividend adjustments are made unless the contract is clear they are not. Can someone who has held these confirm whether dividend adjustments are made? Or could IG clarify if there is a representative on the forum? Thank you!
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