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  1. Charlotte, we keep seeing the message that's it's small caps that have been withdrawn. It isn't. For example, Hikma has a market cap of £5.2bn and is in the FTSE100. How do we know which other companies IG might decide to do the same to? We are also told that it's due to exceptional client demand. In that case, limit new opening positions (buy and sell). Why should we long-term clients suffer due to this?
  2. And on top of the cost of several hundred pounds to close SBs and buy shares, I have had to close other positions, including forward positions that sold for less than the corresponding DFB, and sell some shares to generate enough cash at such short notice. IG really needs to realise that they need to give a lot more notice of such actions.
  3. It has cost me several hundred pounds to swap £20k of SBs to shares. Annoyingly, because it takes time to withdraw money from IG, I have had to buy the shares in my IG account rather than elsewhere, as news is expected and I don’t want to risk missing out on any rise. But I am really looking for answers from IG on this if I am to continue trading here.
  4. I am furious. I have been a client for many years, but I have just lost all faith in IG. Hikma is on the list and is a FTSE100 company.. How do I know they won’t do this to any other position I open? There are large spreads on many AIM companies 5hat I hold, so there will be a significant cost in closing my spread bets and buying shares. Why not just stop new positions being opened? I am OK with Increasing the margin to 100%, but do feel that more notice should have been given - 4 days is ridiculous, and that’s assuming you saw the email immediately. I wouldn’t have opened a few positions in the last month had I known about this then, and I am now going to have to close these as well. For existing clients, this action makes a mockery of IG’s stated commitment to be on the clients’ side, and helping them to trade profitably.
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