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  1. There was a split in October, sounds like the price you saw on IG wasn't adjusted for this
  2. I would assume they also utilise margin and also have the ability to lend the stock back out again for a fee
  3. That's a hefty amount of fees to be paying, is that on a normal dealing account or spread bet/cfd? I don't think long holding periods would be an issue as brokers would normally just lend the stock back out.
  4. I assume it is due to your second point on associated returns. Most of IG's revenue comes from OTC leveraged products (SB/CFD), the majority of this is from FX and indices and only a small proportion is on stocks. This is because there are a limited number of FX pairs and indices and therefore they can achieve 80-90% internalisation and provide tight spreads but still make good returns with low external hedging costs. Compare this to equities where they have a huge range of single name stocks available and therefore a much lower rate of internalisation requiring them to incur higher costs to h
  5. I know some of this has already been posted on other threads but thought it would be useful to repost for those that have missed it or didn't receive an email from IG. Surely this kind of information should be visible on the IG website or in the blog posts. Really frustrating as a lot of these restricted securities are actually liquid ETFs, I've closed my affected positions (at a loss) to avoid the 100% margin change this Friday. Really disappointing that these changes are communicated at such short notice. Part of the appeal of the IG spread betting account for me is access to small caps whic
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