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  1. Currently if I open a new position for Company X with two shares, then add another share a week later, I then have a three share position (and showing a combined P&L). Is it possible to open a new position on Company X for two shares, a week later open a seperate position for Company X for one share, and have two position open against the same market - with a seperate P&L, and the option to close one position without closing the other (or impacting it in any way).
  2. Thansk all for the replies. I'm quite new to trading so not sure if I've been clear. An example is: I'm looking at 'Company X' - a semiconductor company. I calculate the PE for 'Company X'. I now want to refer to an easily accessible (ideally dynamically updating from live data) of what the semiconductor industry average PE is, so I can quickly see if 'Company X' is above or below the industry average. As I am trying to diversify in several industries, I don't want to have to calculate multiple PE ratios for other companies and take an average to see if the compan
  3. As the title says, is there any one reliable source for average PE ratio by industry/sector, and by major indices? I'm trading across multiple industries and sectors, and indices, and trying to geta sense of whether a PE for a specific stock is high or low. A reference table or better still, calculator or rating tool that compare the stock to the average.
  4. Basic question that I can't find in the support pages or community. IG offer no charge on US share trades if you have placed 3 or more trades in the previous month. Is that a calendar month (ie starts from 1st of each month) or the previous month of trading (ie approx the last 30 days). Also, is that fee free on both buy and sell? Thanks!
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