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  1. Hello all, Never have I been so angered by a trading platform as I was by IG’s decision to give one weeks notice of a margin increase to 100% and a month to close position on around 1000 stocks. This will cost me and I’m sure thousands of other clients thousands of pounds and has massively decreased my trust in the platform. In my case this impacts Petrofac, a fairly well known and quite large UK company. Hardly an AMC or GME. Why on Earth are stocks like that being removed? I understand the need for risk management on IGs side, of course I do, however this could easily be carried out by stopping the opening of new positions and an an unlimited closing time with the margin requirements kept the same as upon creation. Instead I am being forced to close my position only a few days after I opened it! I call for IG to reverse this decision immediately or I will be withdrawing my funds to another platform. I would call upon you to do the same, even if this does not impact upon you this time, does not mean it won’t be next time. My faith in IG has sadly gone.
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