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  1. Don't expect an answer here either mate.
  2. I have experienced this too-- just so you know you aren't crazy.
  3. My previous comment was deleted or not approved by moderator for some strange reason, perhaps too critical. Can someone please help me to understand the rationale/logic/etc here... The only reasoning supplied is as such: We constantly review the products we offer in line with client demand. We have reviewed associated returns across our 12,000 leveraged share markets and decided to withdraw around 900 small-cap shares for spread betting and CFD account 1. Client demand-- some of these stocks have been among the top traded shares recently including MercadoLibre and 6/10 of the HotCopper Top 10 most discussed stocks list. So perhaps its not client demand 2. Associated returns? Not sure what this means-- can anyone inform me. IG doesn't make enough money off them? 3. Small-cap shares-- These are not all small-cap shares and includes BYD (645 billion market cap)
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