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  1. No, PRT is a charting software and they offer the best bid ask prices and nasdaq last price but not nasdaq full view.
  2. Is the bookviewer subscription any good? From what I know they should be kinda similar. Nasdaq Full View gives a better depth but for someone who is not trading huge positions from what I saw they shoulf be quite equal. To answer your question Total View offers every single offer that exists and lists it for you to see...time and sales also. With totalview you will never be out of touch so to say...as long as you keep your eyes on the monitors:))
  3. Heya everyone, Hope someone can answer as the responses online are pretty scarce. Does L2 dealer platform allow paper trading? I am really interested in practising using level 2 and time and sales windows. I do understand that those are real time quotes, but I am willing to pay, even for paper trading. Please, if someone knows the answer or can direct me towards a platform/broker that will offer level 2 during paper trading I would be very grateful. I am looking at the same time at the functionality and execution speed...e.g. hot keys, dma, and so on. Hope I get a response and thank you for taking the time to read this
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