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  1. Great and because of this stupid glitch I missed out on aftermarket gain of 70% so far with this stock. NOT happy
  2. This has happened just today on both my pc and Android phone. My charts have been going a bit mad. Eg a stock that's currently trading at £4, the chart will show a bad of £4 and £5 constantly. I'm worried to open a trade incase it opens way above what the charts are showing.... This is not good for.an investor to see. Can this be fixed asap. Short video attached Record_2021-03-09-20-08-21_40c520d53fccdd78ab16fa5075625c85.mp4
  3. Ive just moved to IG, mostly from commission free brokers. I did look into the commission and fees before I signed up, however, I was not expecting the sheer number of fees that ive incurred so far on just 6-7 trades...Nearly £200 in fees since the 26th! WHAT? I read in a forum post on here posted from an IG support team members (albeit from 2016) that there is no fee for amending open positions but it looks like that's what I've been charged for? Am I missing sometihng here? Can someone please shed some light on what im being charged for because the transaction history page is not
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