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  1. Hello, I cant cant quite understand with the new asic (australia) rules the and terminology effects. So my funds are: 9700 (eg gather my investment in current trades), profit 18600, margin 13500, available 15000, equity 28500, equity used 100%.... So I gather the equity used at 100% refers to my margin being over my initial funds in my current trades?. And can I still keep trading using the remainder of the "available 15000" despite the fact Im at 100% Thanks
  2. Just called IG re block on Cryptos "unlongable" . In the UK it appears to be in line with their need to conform to regulation and remove cryptos as a leveraged product, so I personally dont think you will see it again as a CFD. Not sure re unleveraged? Im in Australia, we have new regulation coming in at the end if march, it will still allow 2.1 leverage on retail client and any open positions will not need to be closed or adjusted. So when I enquired re why cryptos are "unlongable" in Aus they said it has nothing to do with regulations ( weird it happened at same time as UK block) and just IG
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