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  1. I believe share prices are unpredicable as the big guys move the market and it is a Zero sum games, if winner take all donated by the losser. if all a winner who will be the losser. Thus we have to devise some mean to see what the big guys want to do for the day.. on Techincal can do that ,  thus i believe we need to place more on technical , fast response is the key...EA is the way to go but we have to monitor the market and guide the robot when it is lagging 

  2. Hi Presh, i was in share biz some 17 years suffer hugh losses but luck is with me that i make back all my losses in one trade i.e, i put all eggs in one nasket , i bought all Natstell share and after  holding for 2-3 years there were two buyer fought to take over the share rose quickly and i sold all to make some moeny after make up the big loss i suffered earlier, The luck and strategies does play a part in our trading, Toiday we can use computer to derive strategies to take emotion out but we still have to have some element of luck.  I think to do better we need to have more that one indication. At least we need to have leading indicators, lagging indication and confirmation indicator to make a better decision, Thus if we make to  reduce the amount to effort to put these into tests we can form a target team to work on different aspect and put the together to get the max returns...

  3. Hi I am new here and want to share my experience  as a programmer. In fact i picked up computer programming in 1980s and it was a difficult one to do, i did learned alot with low level programming. . Now we have lot of helps in C-programming which we use it to generate Mt4 programs. Recently i have some success in Back  testing in Mt4 on 30 min or 1 hour time period. But not with 5 or 15 minute. Thus i hope to seek some assistance  from you or we can form a team to generate useful program that work well in all time frame, I hope we can achieve success with team dynamic.  In fact i think we need to develop good filter to yield good result, Similarly to RLC filter . Also we may need to use tick chart if we want to develop better program. If  any one have better ideas or want to achieve better via team work please send email to me. My email is low.patrick168@gmail.com /..

    see you soon. 

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