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  1. I have a share dealing account and don't receive Monthly statements (and they don't display via Live Accounts > Statements > Trading Statements tab > Type Monthly). Nor have I received the CTC for the last financial year.
  2. I played around with it (created two plots of the smallest viable K-32 size). While I'm farming this tiny amount now I've stopped plotting until pooling is introduced - since existing plots aren't going to be compatible with pooling. The cost of wearing out SSDs is high. You're effectively buying (via SSD wear) lottery tickets (the plots) with a chance of winning a lottery (by farming). Without pooling its unlikely small players will win. The "estimated time to win" is based on current network space that will probably rise at a very quick rate reducing your chance of winning exponentially. Unless you're farming petabytes, using the rule of large numbers to take out the lottery element, its not worth the time of smaller farmers imho. It may be worthwhile when they introduce pooling.
  3. It's a US regulatory rule that US brokers have to adhere to for US clients, not UK.
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