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  1. Hi , Sorry for the late reply! Looks like we got Roku Inc. set up on Friday. We'll generally set up stocks that have recently IPO'd as quickly as possible, but some will occasionally be missed. If this is ever the case, the quickest way to get it set up would be to email the request to us at helpdesk.uk@ig.com Thanks for the message. Rob
  2. Do we think it'll continue above $5,000 or are we expecting a draw-back levels seen earlier in the week? This article gives interesting insight into the Hard Fork concern and gives some interesting figures on investor insight: https://www.forbes.com/sites/cbovaird/2017/08/31/bitcoin-price-tops-4800-reaching-new-high/#7352cb27be4d
  3. Hi , thanks for your post. If you've deleted any DMA orders they should actually appear in the bottom section of the order book. Please see the below example of some deleted Snap Inc. orders. If this isn't what you're able to see on your side, please can you share a screenshot of what you see so that we can investigate further? Thanks, Rob
  4. Hi , At the moment I'm afraid we're having to confirm our price sources to ensure they are still valid after the fork into Bitcoin Cash. Once we've have adjusted accounts for the Bitcoin Cash aspect we will be able to begin trading on the product again. Currently however the providers with whom we hedge our exposure with have not settled the Bitcoin Cash aspect, so until that is the case I'm afraid there's no time-frame for when the market will be available to trade again. We will get this up and running as soon as possible, but I apologise for the inconvenience in the meantime.
  5. Hi so sorry for the late reply! We do indeed offer options on equities. Due to the number of markets and the relatively low demand, you can only trade these over the phone with us. I'm afraid however that this is not available on Share Dealing/ISA accounts, just Spread Betting or CFDs. The stock itself will also have to be sufficiently liquid and large for us to be able to offer options, but generally if there's an option on the underlying market, we'll be able to offer it to you. Are there any particular stocks you'd like for me to check if we can offer options? Thanks, R
  6. Hi , thanks for getting in touch. When it comes to comparing other providers, it's very difficult for us to comment on as each company will price their markets in different ways while also having different fees/commissions. IG try to be as transparent with cost as possible, so hopefully the below information helps to answer your questions. We will price our FX markets by taking a wide range of prices from various liquidity providers. From these prices we take the best bid and best offer price and simply wrap a spread around it. These spreads can be found from our website, so please
  7. Hi thanks for your post. In regards to advising on particular markets to trade, I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to assist on that regard. You may however want to take a look at our Sectors markets which can be found under the 'Indices' section on the Classic Platform. The way these markets are priced will be directly with an underlying selection of shares. For example, the banking index will track the aggregate value of a wide selection of banks. You'll notice that there are a couple of sectors that relate to the housing market. It's very important however to know that this would by no
  8. Hi thanks for your post! You're absolutely right in saying that some markets are restricted from trading on an ISA account. Usually, the restricted ones are ETFs that trade on the US market, as there are issues with their suitability under the ISA tax efficient wrapper. You can trade a lot of US denominated stocks, it's just the ETF aspect that causes the problem. The way to check whether the particular market is available would be via our ETF screener. You can follow this link to find this section and when you first open the page it'll ask you whether you want to view all ETFs or
  9. Hi again , I'm afraid the feature you describe doesn't ring any bells. I've asked various developers and our trading desks and the feature also doesn't sound familiar to them. Are you maybe referring to Level 2 data for trading shares? This doesn't show previous trades, but shows the order book so will highlight all pending orders at their respective prices. Full info on this can be found here. If not however, please give as much detail as possible and I'll be able to take a further look into it. Thanks, Rob
  10. Hi , What you were told is correct. We are unable to offer stocks listed on the US OTC market. Should you have any further requests, please let us know. Thanks, Rob
  11. Hi , Since my last post we've actually made some changes to the pricing of Bitcoin. As you'll see from your deal ticket, we've scaled the price down by a factor of 100, meaning that a price of 293940 is now 2939.4. Because of this we also reviewed the minimum trade size, which is now $/£5 per point. In the previous pricing, this would have been the equivalent trade size of $/£0.05 per point, so they've both been scales by the same proportions. The reason for this change is simply because Bitcoin has gone up so significantly in price since we started to offer it, and its volatility
  12. Hi , thanks for your reply Our minimum spread bet deal sizes are indeed £0.1, €0.1 and $0.1, and you'll be able to enter a trade using a deal ticket with these sizes - are you receiving an error when you try to do so? The spread is separate to the minimum sizes, and depends heavily on the underlying market spreads. We will always offer our tightest spreads where possible, but should the market prices widen, we'll need to reflect this too. Please let me know if I can help further!
  13. Hi , thanks for your post! You are correct that sprint markets are no longer available to new clients. This is due to a business decision in light of potential regulatory changes in the future. In regards to whether they'll still be available for yourself, there are currently no plans to remove them. I'm afraid however that I am unable to confirm for certain that it will remain this way, so I apologise for the lack of clarity. For now I wouldn't be concerned, and you'll certainly be informed of any upcoming changes to which markets we offer. Thanks, Rob
  14. Hi , thanks for your post. You're absolutely right that Bitcoin is a 24/7 market. The restriction in trading is due to all trading being closed with IG from 10pm on Friday until 8am on Sunday. The Bitcoin market will reopen for Sunday trading, so for this reason we do offer it for as long as currently possible. I do appreciate that the gap between Friday night and Sunday morning does pose the risk of the market moving, however in order for us to offer the product on our leveraged platform, it requires the full dealing staff to be available. I'll of course pass this on as feedback t
  15. Hi , That's a perfectly valid question and unfortunately is not quite as easy as simply adding the stop level to an open position like you'd be used to on your CFD account. There's actually another community discussion on how this works. I'd recommend taking a look here. To summarise, you'll be able to place a Stop - GTC order as a separate order which will act as a stop loss. In regards to how long this lasts, it'll expire after a 90 day period. Please let me know if you've got any questions regarding the thread linked above, and thanks for your post! Regards, Rob.
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