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  1. Hello, I am trying to get instant quotes for CFD INDICES (quote value at the time of request(, for which I'm using: /prices/{epic} For certain epics like IX.D.STXE.IFM.IP I get null values all the time, while for others I get null values on half of my requests. Why is the API returning NULL price values? My objective is to query the API each 5 seconds and get the corresponding price at that moment. Best; Oscar
  2. Hello, I would like to open a live account with IG to trade CFD, but have some questions: -Can I fund my account from my US bank account (official account in US bank, I'm an Argentinian resident with address in Buenos Aires, Argentina)? -Is the REST API avaialable through the IG branch I would be assigned to? -I use a custom development app to trade automatically via a REST API, do you see any limitations or issues I should take into account? Best regards, Marcelo
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