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  1. Be careful. IG has been very careful not to give any reason for the new high interest rates. Perhaps its because they can just do it and clients can take it or leave it, or perhaps its just plain greed and opportunism. They do not mention any commensurate increase in services for clients. The worst aspect is that it makes me feel that IG is an adversary rather than a part of my team.
  2. Its getting worse. Its two months since your mention of the history P/L issues and is now a lot worse. Today's figures are a meaningless jumble of random numbers. I just wonder how we can trust IG's figures. If nothing has changed except for the worst in two months, then its crystal clear that IG pays scant attention to the issue. Its simply not good enough and IG is really leading with its chin on this issue. They have had plenty of time to fix it. This issue has the potential to blow up the whole company if outside authorities start to ask questions. The answers will simply not be available. If a share broker treated their clients in this way, they would quickly be out of business.
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