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  1. I've noticed the charts are updating but not scrolling correctly first thing in the morning. All the plots from 8AM are going into one plot because the time on the chart is wrong ie it shows 9AM when it is really 8AM. This has occured after the clocks have gone forward this weekend. After 9AM, the chart displays correctly.
  2. See below chart for Spreadex. So it's not just IG that has this descrepancy. There are a few others too on top of this.
  3. Yes, I noticed this too. But it's not just on IG, Spreadex and a few others have it too so perhaps it's data coming from a particular source?
  4. Hi All, please forgive me if I am missing something obvious here but when I've been looking at the prices on Rolls Royce on IG charts, it seems to be different to some others too. Not all others as it resembles spreadex and a few others. But if I go to LSE, AJBell etc, their past prices seem different. Current prices are the same but if you go back pre-pandemic, there is a massive difference. An example would be: AJBell = 12/2/20 has it around 239 IG = 12/2/20 has it around 690 which is a bit of a difference. Am I missing something obvious here?
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