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  1. Hi. I've used the dark theme for the last few months but since a few days ago, it keeps resetting back to the default theme. So, I set the dark theme, it gets applied. Refresh page and it goes back to default. Apply it again, it works. Then I open the charts in a new window and it uses the default theme again. I thought once you go black, you never go back? I'm using the latest Chrome browser. Thanks.
  2. Hi. It'll good if we could make a note against an instrument (plain text/limited characters). This is so that we can put notes as a reminder on trading strategies for that instrument, etc. Considering that you already have trade size stored against the instrument, having notes should be quite straight forward. Thanks.
  3. Never mind, found my answer: https://community.ig.com/t5/IG-Trading-Support-and/Cannot-go-long-on-bitcoin-this-morning/m-p/15328#M265
  4. Any ideas *why* it's not longable? I had a very good position, it hit my stop loss (with profit) and now I can't get back in. Annoying.
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