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  1. I have done my fair old research and have been trading for the past year and a half just building up a portfolio gradually but more information never hurt anyone, I am a long term trader looking for passive income from dividends, I research the company first before I buy into it but there are always more regulations to learn such as the tax relief form you were talking about earlier!


    I have a reasonable understanding of what I am doing, I would just like to get better at it. For example I have holding in card factory at the minute which recently saw a drop of about 30% however the companies book look good and I personally belief this is down to market psychology as a result of the brexit fear mongering, however time will teach me if I am wrong I am sure and my risk tolerance is high I am happy to watch this holding drop so I can learn how it will recover if it does...


    Small amount paid for an education in life...

  2. Well DG I have contacted Hargreaves Lansdown and the how a higher commission fee but they have no holding or management fees and they also have a DRIP program for dividend re-investment with no charge also!


    I have checked out their trading platform and the information that they provide on companies is top of the line!


    I personally am in the process of filling in forms to change to them, again it is a shame that IG have implemented such a stupid fee as I would have been content sticking with them...

  3. I trade fairly frequently where possible even if it is just to top up on my stocks in my portfolio as I have just started building one but when I need to let it stand, like you I will now start to get charged where as I believed I was paying my fair share in fees anyway...


    I am genuinely disappointed by this as I honestly felt that this was one of the best companies to trade with from my experience so far but forcing people to trade where as you said they could just make a membership fee which then gives people a choice as to whether they want to pay it or not trade is up to them!

  4. I concur that as I only invest small amounts and can not always afford to trade that once a month, 1) my gains vs fees will offset massively bringing my potential gains down and even if I was getting decent dividend payments to offset this is a pain, essentially any trader would have to make £100 a year to break even before claiming any capital gains not only that but you charge £8 to buy and then another £8 to sell...

    2) with the other companies that you have put comparisons against you have a better share dealing cost but due to this new cost you are actively punishing people for holding off trades for a better time to buy e.g the market are crashing and trades want to wait for a bounce back now they will get charged for trying to invest intelligently!


    My personal opinion is that you have just completely spoilt you company as one of the best trading companies, an inactivity fee was already in place so idle traders were still charged but now even patient traders are charged unnecessarily...