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  1. Thanks Mongil, I think the 0-5 years carries a bit too much risk at the moment. I'll stick with the two aforementioned options. Is there any way to tell what the liquidity within ETF's is like on IG? Presume bonds should be liquid but you never know! Thanks, Phil
  2. Hi, Any reasonable etf options for Short term gilts? Treasuries? Or EU alternatives? Somewhere low risk to park funds and collect a circa 4.5/5% coupon? I have two IG accounts, my professional account includes options such as BIL etf which is ideal, although it would be nice to have a UK option so I don't have to hedge the fx. Any options for non professional accounts? I've come across two US options that might work, both will need fx hedging: Vanguard US Treasury 0-1 Year Bond UCITS ETF iShares USD Treasury Bond 0-1yr UCITS ETF Any other options? Thanks, Phil
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