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  1. Ok, I can see how to change a stop to a trailing stop on an open position. My question is: what happens to the previous stop? Does it disappear and leave me with no stop until the trailing stop is activated? Example: I have an open position on XSTOCK @ 10 per point. Current price of XSTOCK is 100. I set a normal stop of 95. So under normal circumstances my max loss should be 50 whne the stop gets triggered at 95. Now, lets say XSTOCK rises to 120 and I now wish to change from a normal stop to a trailing stop. According to the instructions by IG, the trailing stop on a l
  2. Hi, I'm aware that some people do/don't advocate placing stops etc on ISA's. I'm wondering how you do this on the IG platform? Would it be a case of just placing a sell order and setting the level? eg if I currently have a 10 shares of X @£100 each, I could set a sell level of £50 for 10 shares of X? I know under spread betting this would be shorting, but I take it you can't short in an ISA so this would be equivalent to setting a stop? OR would it just sell the shares there and then because it thinks the sell level has been reached ie the current level is £100 and you
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