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  1. Thanks Arvin, I think the difficulty was I was trying to sell X amount of a particular holding in £'s ie a partial sell and only the limit option was available. Interestingly, if I do the same with "amount of shares", the stop option is there. So it looks as though I can put a stop in for a partial amount of shares ie not the whole holdings but only if you select "amount of shares" and not "ammount in £/$"
  2. I'm wondering if there is an equivalent of a stop in the IG ISA or share dealing platform. Obviously there is in the spread betting but I can't see it in the ISA?
  3. Ok, I can see how to change a stop to a trailing stop on an open position. My question is: what happens to the previous stop? Does it disappear and leave me with no stop until the trailing stop is activated? Example: I have an open position on XSTOCK @ 10 per point. Current price of XSTOCK is 100. I set a normal stop of 95. So under normal circumstances my max loss should be 50 whne the stop gets triggered at 95. Now, lets say XSTOCK rises to 120 and I now wish to change from a normal stop to a trailing stop. According to the instructions by IG, the trailing stop on a long position must be above the current price. So I want a trailing stop of 3 with a step of 1. According to IG instructions, I would need to set this to a minimum of 124 in this instance (120+3+1) and the trailing stop would be activated once the level reaches 124. That's fair enough. But what happens to the normal stop? Lets assume the trailing stop criteria is set (it will activate at 124 in this case) but XSTOCK never reaches this level to activate the trailing stop. Instead it gets to 123 and then tanks. Prior to this, I would of had a normal stop of 95 to offer some protection. Is this now gone and XSTOCK can keep going down without executing a stop?
  4. Hi, I'm aware that some people do/don't advocate placing stops etc on ISA's. I'm wondering how you do this on the IG platform? Would it be a case of just placing a sell order and setting the level? eg if I currently have a 10 shares of X @£100 each, I could set a sell level of £50 for 10 shares of X? I know under spread betting this would be shorting, but I take it you can't short in an ISA so this would be equivalent to setting a stop? OR would it just sell the shares there and then because it thinks the sell level has been reached ie the current level is £100 and you've set a sell level of £50 so the platform instantly sells the shares because they are ABOVE the sell level?
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