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  1. Just called them, and here is the information I could get: For long-term options: better to call the desk directly as it would depend on which stock you are looking to trade. Trading is possible for US and EU stocks, and stocks listed on smaller exchanges could eventually be traded but again, one should ask the desk. Fees are the same than the online fees for stocks. (min 5€ for EU stocks, min 15€ for US stocks) They are not planning to add stock options to the platform as there is very little demand for this product. That's strange because they already told me the oppo
  2. They told me 1 or 2 months ago that they are planning to add them to the option platform but that they couldn't say when. I hope they'll have more information for us!
  3. I'll call them and will add to this if I get more info
  4. Wow, good to know, thanks! Do you know which exchanges are covered?
  5. To my knowledge, there are only long term options for a few instruments such as the S&P 500 index and other liquid indexes. BTW, how do you managed to have access to share options? Under my options account, I can only trade indexes, commodities and forex vanilla options, but no way to trade share vanilla options...
  6. Hi! If you don't find anything, I would be more than happy to code a scanner for you! Just tell me. Prorealtime is a good choice, but with python, I could build a robust and platform independent scanner!
  7. Hi everyone, I had someone at IG a few weeks ago who told me that "vanilla" options for stocks would be available for trading soon and that a team was actually working on the launch of this new group of products. Does anyone have more information about that? Thanks!
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