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  1. Hi Caseynotes Thank you very much for your answer. I found the article on Investopedia. I also think it sounds weird. See you
  2. Hi IG I would like to ask if somebody could help me to tell how many trades it is allowed to execute with IG per day. I have read that if you want to make four or more trades per 5 days you are obliged to hold minimum $25000 in your account. Regards Thomas
  3. Hi I would like to ask, if somebody could help me about the rules for pattern day traders. Is it right that you are allowed to make more than three trades per 5 days if your account not drop below $25.000 ? Sincerely Thomas
  4. Hi IG I would like to ask you one question. I have read on the internet that a pattern day trader are required to hold $25.000 in their margin account. Is that right. Sincerely Thomas Christiansen
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