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  1. Hi everyone☺️ My name is Lucas, and currently I’m working as an intern in a small IT company, where new day, new task – a challenge for me and a growth chance as a specialist. This days we are develping online healthcare booking service based on blockchain for indian company. Our company decided to build platform on Ethereum protocol and head of my department gave me a task to find a wallet. Honestly, I'm in this field only 2 months and I'm not confident making first steps without support and feedback. I did a research and I got lost in number of existed wallets. For instance, I picked this 2 link that seemed to me well explained: https://coinsutra.com/best-etherum-wallets/ https://pixelplex.io/blog/best-ethereum-wallets/ First question: for launching such project cold wallets are not suitable? Second: from lists of this "best wallets" what have u used and what your opinion? Third: I'm also considering to implement wallet that has browser extension and integration with mobile apps. What do u think about Guarda and Metamask? The main trait of wallet we are looking for - usage convinience for client in work with wallet.
  2. I guess if Ethereum 2.0 launches successfully, it can happen rapid growth of Ether. But I've heard it was a failure recently....
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