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  1. Yes I am aware that I have selected the guaranteed stop level as I have been for a while in preparation for when the live account is approved, the live account will have to use a guaranteed stop on each trade, which I think is a good idea as it reduces exposure to risk and the margin required as it is a controlled risk as apposed to an uncapped or un controlled risk. Normally the stop limit on this trade is a minimum of 8 points, in this screen shot it it is set at 30 points which has increased the required margin to $1775, when it is at 8 or 10 the margin would be around $1300. If I
  2. Good evening everyone, My first post from a demo account while I am waiting for the real account to be opened, I have focused on cable as I like both currencies and the market is mostly very active. Does anyone know why the market should suddenly require a limit stop of139.053 points away from the current market price? It seems a little excessive to me. Your valuable knowledge and experience maybe able to explain this to a newbie?
  3. Anyone going to answer these questions on the minimum guaranteed stop, I have the same problem, it was working fine at 8 and now it wants 140 points, a margin of over $7000 on a $50 limit????
  4. I have the same issue, I was trading on a demo account this afternoon and it was 8 points minimum guaranteed stop on GBP USD, this evening it jumped to 140 points for exactly the same deal, why is this? Its unworkable on the Demo account and it will be the same on a real account, what is going on and how has this changes?
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