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  1. So I was on facebook yesterday night and I saw a friend of mine share this post - https://www.facebook.com/Ethernity.cloud/photos/a.399759260453693/1211274599302151/ It seems like a great project, I read about it on their website https://ethernity.cloud/ I am thinking to invest into their minimum presale package but I dont have much experience with crypto. I just lost some cash because the market turned upside down, and now I am thinking on top of holding crypto assets to take a look at early projects. What do you guys think about it? (by the way this is their telegram chat - https://t.me/ethernitycloud)
  2. What are your thoughts of the Chia coin, and has anyone started mining (farming) it? I am setting up a node with 10tb of space if anyone is interested I can post info on how it goes here. All I know is that in my country the price of HDD/SSD/NVM storage skyrocketed
  3. Hello Everyone, Quite the noobie question, but how exactly can I know how trusted and well intended and ICO is? I've been scouting a lot of them for quite some time and I've seen both sides of the coin. I've seen ICO's with good marketing and youtubers talking about it that just dissapeared after a few months, and I've seen ICO's with not as much publicity breaking the bar (ELROND for example). Any help would be appreciated. I would like it if we posted here our research and opinions so we can further examine ICO's if anyone else is into that stuff
  4. I am very uncertain about this coin. If you have more info please post here, I am following
  5. I recommend using only trusted platfroms my friend
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