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  1. I have found if I select market data from the stock's "click for more options" icon, I get the chart plus my positions shown on it. If too find the iPad system works fine. I'm in Dunsborough, where are you?
  2. I spoke to the Helpdesk this morning and was advised this is a specific problem for Telstra customers in WA. Are you in WA? By the way, the charts facility works fine for me in my demo account, not any of my live accounts :-(
  3. Hi there, This blank graph screen problem is very frustrating! Additional info to add to my original post. I have reloaded Java and Adobe Flash Player and re-booted many times. I'm using Windows 10 desktop with Chrome browser and the problem remains. I get the same problem using Microsoft Edge browser. My Telstra internet connection is Fixed Wireless NBN (due to regional WA location). I will chase the helpdesk on Monday morning...................Les.
  4. Thanks for the Java suggestion. I have re-loaded the latest version of Java for Windows desktop and the blank chart screen problem still remains. Maybe the helpdesk can help me on Monday morning.
  5. When I click on the chart icon, the window appears with border and title but no content -entirely blank. Rest of system is working fine. I have reloaded Adobe Flash Player but still does not work. Environment is Windows 10 with Chrome browser on the NBN. Any suggestions? Thanks......................Les.