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  1. I should have added that Neil Ferguson was the one behind the phoney deaths predictions in this swine flu scam played out by big pharma in what was pretty much an exact forerunner of this current covid scam.
  2. ūüĎÄ Very interesting article by ZeroHedge on the recent big main stream narrative flip (China lab leak); Why The Davos Elites Just Played The 'Jon Stewart' Card | ZeroHedge ''Now Stewart comes out at this moment to pull his schtick on Colbert‚Äôs show to rally the libs to the whole WuFlu, ‚ÄúChina Did It To Us‚ÄĚ Narrative The Davos Crowd is pushing on us now? '' ''They‚Äôve pulled out the Jon Stewart card to convince the squishy Millennials that China is our enemy. Google will now whitewash all references to Ft. Detrick, their October 2019 exercises and all the rest of it. Remember,
  3. Didn't Johnson say just yesterday the govt were abandoning covid passports? Strange, that Canadian news is reporting he wants passports agreed in the upcoming G7 meet and vaccinations for the whole world. Also; It's Not Hypocrisy, The COVID Narrative is a Lie - Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Provides Another Example - The Last Refuge (theconservativetreehouse.com) Meanwhile in the Telegraph “There was never any lockdown - there were just middle class people hiding while working class people brought them things.’ Great summery of lockdown b
  4. I played around with it (created two plots of the smallest viable K-32 size). While I'm farming this tiny amount now I've stopped plotting until pooling is introduced - since existing plots aren't going to be compatible with pooling. The cost of wearing out SSDs is high. You're effectively buying (via SSD wear) lottery tickets (the plots) with a chance of winning a lottery (by farming). Without pooling its unlikely small players will win. The "estimated time to win" is based on current network space that will probably rise at a very quick rate reducing your chance of winning exponentially
  5. I do read everything you post, that is the problem, that I read it, then I realise how easy you can change your narrative depending on how you wake up that day. One of the nice features of this forum is the ability to search on keywords, for example "hoax" and "played". You are the star in the result, a pure rock star. There you see how many times you have told us that the "great reset" is about to begin , followed by cooked news on the virus that play us into a Davos' conspiracy. For the rest of the readers below is the search, they just need to scroll down and see how man
  6. Yes. IG does trade against retail traders. IG also has a lot of institutional traders. If your are trading low volume stock or Singapore CFD equities, the dealing desk will manually lock your order for a good 30 seconds so that you cannot delete nor change the order price level for the 30 seconds when they there is another bigger clients want to unload. I have been locked this way as many ast 4 times in the past and cost over SG$10,000 loss. When I called IG, it said the dealing desk manually lock my orders with an excuse they are putting my order on hold so that they hedge it on th
  7. World leaders, literally in concert, start to down play the roll of vaccines in controlling covid in prep for the next round of lockdowns. There can not be a single person left on the entire planet who doesn't yet realise we are all being played FFS. Michael P Senger @MichaelPSenger 16h On April 10, China began downplaying their own vaccine. This is EXTRAORDINARY as the CCP never admits fault for anything, suggesting an ulterior motive. Days later, @WHO, then Fauci, @BorisJohnson and @JustinTrudeau followed, downplaying vaccines and calling for more lockdowns.
  8. hahaha, the hoax references were made by you hahaha. As for being played, well we were. just a coincidence then that in the last week or so ... - Vitamin D finally gets govt recommended for treatment of covid. - Invermectin finally gets approval for treatment of covid. - HCQ now approved instead of being banned for treatment of covid. - WHO finally revises PCR test to reduce huge ratio of false positives. - NHS found to be inflating covid cases and deaths numbers. - NHS ICUs found to be less full than previous years. - Lateral Flow test ignored for
  9. I am going to reply every single time with this search. https://community.ig.com/search/?&q=hoax played&search_and_or=or Then people can see what you have said in the past. I will use it from now on as a footer on this thread. I will not have to add anything to it, your words are there.
  10. I didn't know that you consider yourself a doctor. I am confused, you have been telling us that the virus is a hoax for months and we were being played by the news, and now you are advising people to isolate if they see their temperature is high? You contradict yourself, again.
  11. The UK govt initiative twice a week testing for all, err? wait ... Innova's instructions for use. First paragraph - " ... within the first five days of the onset of symptoms" Why not just check your temp every day and save the country £30 billion? Meanwhile, AFP News Agency @AFP #BREAKING Europe rights court rules obligatory vaccinations 'necessary in democratic society' Am fairly certain that there are human rights laws against mandatory medical interventions introduced for good reason after the Nuremberg trials. You are not just being
  12. 'Don't worry, it's just til we flatten the curve'. you are being played. JOIN THE STASI VOLUNTEERS!!! ---- Shop a neighbour and win credits!!! you are being played. AID YOUR COMMUNITY, BECOME A COVID MARSHALL!!! you are being played. WEAR A MASK!!! you are being played. SECOND WAVE!!! Covid hotspot Bolton has 2 patients in hospital with covid therefore ---> + 1 = BBC/SKY News 'Breaking news' shock 'COVID HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS UP 50%.' you are being played. ANYTHING TO AVOID A SECOND WAVE!!!
  13. Hi there, I rang IG about having a stop in Equities and they said they dont have stops on equities? I played around and managed to create a stop order then once the stock level dropped to a certain price it was triggered and was using this successfully however lately the only option I seem to have is a limit order. Am I missing something here or does everyone just not have stops on their equities? cheers Lee
  14. I am just wondering what the music played as a countdown intro to the live broadcasts is and if it is possible to obtain a copy?
  15. As usual am enjoying the posts on this thread. They are informative and sometimes way out in left field. Casey, you sure do your research.... However, my question is; if the PR tests are so unreliable with false positives, how come in summer when there were very few recorded positive cases with a good deal of testing ongoing, were there so few deaths and those in hospital? Currently 1000's are dying everyday from Covid, according to Govt figures. It cannot all be down to testing, can it? Or manipulation of data? Again, on a personal front, my aunt Janis who lives in town (London) has
  16. It is the first line of your message , I don't need to filter anything , you said clearly "virus hoax" full stop. I just want people to understand what has always been your point, then they can read your reports based on memes with a clear perspective.
  17. Casey, dear. You need to read carefully , there it is . You telling people that the virus is a hoax.
  18. So all the people in this video are in on the hoax? Wow....
  19. Hi I'm a fledgling stock player just in to the market for my third time. I like compiling wisdom, so thought to share some I come up with! I am by no means successful yet but I'm trying. And here's what I just did: I played a videogame (tft) consistently and there was drama having to do with puppies. I watched my ranking in the videogame start going down with misplays due to stress ~so I pulled my money out of stocks. My videogame rating proceeded to crash like 500 points. Then, when my play improved enough that I could see an upswing in my rating, I put my money back in to stocks and...
  20. Dr. Scott Jensen, WHO Confirm: 'We've All Been Played' on COVID-19 - 21st Century Wire March 7 2021 .
  21. Soooo, the NHS are testing hundreds of thousands of people who are not ill while ignoring the millions on their waiting lists who are ūüĎć Meanwhile they tell us that even with the jab the same resrictions will apply, how can that even be? Simple. If you've had a corona type virus in the past you will have T-cell immunity (up to17 years and counting for SARS-CoV-2). If you've had Covid-19 you will have antibody immunity. If you've had the jab you will have vaccine immunity. The virus can still enter your body but your immune system will blast it into fragments. These
  22. guess this played some role: and this (maybe to a lesser extent): https://www.yardeni.com/pub/commit.pdf Plus GS and JPM pumping things up with the "supercycle" story. Considering the US situation hopefully gets fixed soon, then I could imagine an unwind of speculative positions (for whatever reason) might trigger a reversal
  23. I am just using your leader words: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/03/donald-trump-base-stays-loyal-president-fights-covid-19 I know it is obvious, just wanted to highlight the fact that it is obviously not a hoax and needs to be treated very carefully. So your never ending posts warning us that "we are being played", some of them directly pointed to me are now challenged.
  24. The Covid Hoax continues. Everything centers on the PCR test and it's deliberate misuse. A PCR of 25 cycles identifies the infectious with a minimal amount of false positives, the more cycles you do the more false positives are included. Fauci himself has said 35 cycles and above most results are false positives for infectious material. Western countries are running the PCR test at 45 cycles which is mathematically known to give 90%+ false positives. Govt and health officials know this. Groups in Portugal have joined groups in Italy and the UK in starting legal action
  25. ok, let's say that we all agree on the fact that we had many corona-viruses before and this one is just another one to add to the list. We can't escape it and sooner or later will catch me, I can agree with all of that, a mask is not an astronaut helmet so I can't protect myself from it. What is the actual point of forcing people into a quarantine? We say that governments do not want bad press or be entitled to many deaths, which are actually the same deaths every year. Are they not able to explain that instead of simply telling us to stay at home? If I am being played, what is the
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