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bitcoin cash hard fork

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i assume IG will be participating in the hard fork of bitcoin cash 

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Re: bitcoin cash hard fork

Hey @london - that's correct. It was a non-contentious hard fork and thus no expectation of an additional coin. We do snap shot all client positions going into the event just in case, but this is a risk mitigation decision based on the expectation going into the event. 


This may be interesting for some clients >>



2018-05-16 09_18_29-Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Milestone Complete_ 32MB and New Features - Bitcoin News.png

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Re: bitcoin cash hard fork

Thanks for this @JamesIG.


For me it is clear that there is a big margin between Bitcoin and Ether in terms of market cap. There is also a large margin between Bitcoin, Ether and the rest.


XBT only offer products in SEK and EUR in relation to Bitcoin and Ether. I am not sure on Bitcoin Cash. What is stopping the super highly intellectual to come up with solutions to make Bitcoin's infrastructure the greatest? They have first mover advantage and have the biggest and most well known brand.


It could be that the mystery may be solved by an equation like BTC + BCH + BTG = Bitcoin. Then using this formula the price predictions too of $50,000, etc. would be when you add all three together. After this one should be able to convert BTC into BCH or BTG. Once you can exchange cryptos within the Crypto universe then there is potential for a revolutionary digital payment atmosphere.


The infrastructure is being built now.