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Is ETH available on weekends?

Hi Im new to IG and CFD. I have a few questions.

Is the markets closed on weekend?
I cant close or open new positions for ETH.

Hope someone out there can guide me.
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Re: Is ETH available on weekends?

Crypto currencies are closed for 10 hours a week, from 10pm GMT Friday night until 8am GMT Saturday morning. You can find more information about that here.

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Re: Is ETH available on weekends?

James, I have noticed that this question just keeps on appearing in relation to cryptocurrencies.


There are two options. One is for IG to simply just offer them 24-7 with no closure. The other option is for IG to consider if it could make this information more easily accessible to its potential new cryptocurrency clients. 


I would like to make a suggestion. When you click on 'Cryptocurrency' on the left hand side of the screen there is space on the right of Cryptocurrency. Could the opening times not simply be stated there?

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Re: Is ETH available on weekends?

Hi @TrendFollower - good ideas and thanks for the feedback. In regards tot he 24/7 crypto trading, unfortunately I don't think will be likely in the short to mid term. The reason for this is that we need to perform system maintenance, release updates to the software etc, and all of these roll outs and checks happen over the weekend. Crypto has only really boomed these last 12 months, so although it would be something to look at going forwards, we need to take a number of other things into consideration (staffing, server load, longevity of providing 24/7 coverage etc. 


In regards to your second point, we do try and put it in all the appropriate areas, such as the, Help and Support portal, and contract notes, however I see if there is any additional areas we can look to put it.