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IG online course

Hi guys please assist i have been busy to study the beginners course that is help full, i have a challenge with the IG system it shows that 5 are completed and 6 in progress and 3 awaiting. So i dont know what to do please assist maybe you have a solution for this matter.

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Re: IG online course

[ Edited ]

Hi - are you saying that you are looking to re-do some courses on the IG Academy? If that's the case then there shouldn't need to be any action on our side, and you can simply click back into the course (as below). If I've missed your point, apologies but please let me know. 


For those who don't know, you can access these from IG Academy (also on the app store).


2018-02-13 08_45_47-Introducing the financial markets _ IG Academy _ IG UK.png