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Level 2 data

Hi, I'm new to level 2 data on IG, but I was expecting a bit more from it.


When I view LSE shares in the Web or Android platform, I see 4 lines on the buy and sell side. When I view NASDAQ and NYSE, I get just one line of data (although there is space for 4), example below.


  1. Is there a way to see more depth?
  2. Do I need to download level 2 dealer to get the best out of this?


Level II Apple.png

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Re: Level 2 data

Hi @anders thanks for the new post!


Level 2 data will vary differently between exchanges.


With the LSE, you'll be able to see market depth and volume (which is the four lines you're referring to in your post). Via the IG web platform, this is the maximum amount of information that is displayed on the deal ticket, but you're absolutely right in saying that more information would be displayed on the L2 platform. If you see the below example for GSK, you'll see an example of the standard level 2 deal ticket.


GSK Level 2.PNG





















In regards to other exchanges, DMA (Direct Market Access) is limited. To use your examples of NASDAQ or NYSE, market depth is not available so will only show the best bid and offer prices and their respective volumes.


I hope this helps, and please get back to us if you have any other questions!





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Re: Level 2 data

Hi @RobertR, yes that does answer it. I did think for $1.20, NASDAQ/NYSE level 2 access was very cheap.