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Kodak CFDs

I hold 100kodak CFDs short.
I am advised I must exit the position.
What are my options ?
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Re: Kodak CFDs

This is a very important post for anyone with share positions. Kodak suddenly announce a new crypto coin plan issue, price goes from 300 to 1300 within 5 hours, now pulled back to 820. If stuck in a short position what to do, how far will price pullback? Back to 300? Will the news story be amended? Kodak also recently announced the release of Kodak Kash Miner, a bitcoin mining rig to lease. ($3300, split proceeds with Kodak).


There is no fix @Martinmannion,  ? hold as long as possible so long as price is still pulling back but doubtful it will return to  300.

Any advice would be gratefully received.



Eastman Kodak Co_20180111_20.47.pngkdk.PNG

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