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Where are certain Instruments disappeared?

Certain instrument like Digital 100 cannot be seen. And even options. Even though I somehow found Digital 5 Min FX, which i pinned to my dashboard . Cannot find Digital FX 2 Hours.


I hope they are available in the new platform. By the way the new platform is pretty well done.


Well done IG.


Kind Regards



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Re: Where are certain Instruments disappeared?

Hi @pete363


Thank you for trying out the New Web Trading Platform, the digital 100's are limited at the moment compared to the classic platform but options and more digital 100's are going to be added to the new platform in future. 


If you have any suggestions on other changes you would like to see then please let us know.




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Re: Where are certain Instruments disappeared?

any update when options will be available on the new platform?

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Re: Where are certain Instruments disappeared?

The new site is just dreadful. Like other users I have wasted a lot of time searching in vain for Options. In my case it's the Options (FTSE) and Options (Germany)


Email today says that later this year the classic platform will cease to be. As I said to the support staff, the new site isn't an improvement for me, it's cumbersome, it's a massive step backwards, especially when the monthly FTSE/DAX options I trade are  no longer there and I loathe it, even the look and feel is a step backwards.


As soon as they stop with the classic platform, it's bye bye IG.

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Re: Where are certain Instruments disappeared?

Hi @SIhi, thanks for the post and sorry to hear you're unhappy with the new platform.


I completely understand your frustration at the ongoing absence of the full product offering, with one of the main markets missing being options.  These are taking longer than expected to roll out to the new platform, but it is of course our objective to introduce them as soon as possible so that a smoother transition can take place for clients from classic to new.  The previous platform would not be phased out until the new platform is fully functional, and I believe our update email is to begin to prepare clients for the fact that at some point in the future they will no longer have access to the classic.


We can also acknowledge that the new platform is a complete change to what you are used to, and may not seem logical at first. However, this is very much a progressive step in terms of how the platform works, the software and programmes it relies and runs on, and the potential for further development.  We are happy to hear any feedback at any point, and the main thread for this can be found here.


Once again, I apologise for the delay in full functionality, and appreciate your patience, and all our clients'.


Thank you,


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Re: Where are certain Instruments disappeared?

I agree but for different reasons> My main one is the useless time range for tick charts. I also want to trade options occasionally.