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  • IG Community Guidelines

    Our Community aims to encourage thought and discussion about different topics of interest to today’s trader. This can include the financial markets and macro-economic news announcements, trading strategies, technical analysis and charting, and our platform’s features. We want to make this a positive, engaging and informative environment to help you get the most out of IG, so have written the following guidelines to ensure members can connect with each other in a positive way, whilst still have a bit of fun.

    The most important bits

    • Please do keep in mind that most of the content posted in the Community is user generated and so is not official support provided by IG.
    • Any posts made by those who work at IG will be posted basis the information they have available to them at the time, and may be subject to change. Use your best judgement and exercise caution where appropriate, regardless of where the information has originated, and if you read a post which is quite old please seek clarification if required.
    • For official support or if you have an urgent problem, take a look at our Contact Us page. Please do not message moderators or the Community manager directly if you have an urgent question. The above Contact Us page will resolve your queries or issues far quicker. 
    • Some product and markets discussed on the community may not be available on your IG trading account due to regulatory or internal compliance restrictions.
    • We’ve opened the community up to multiple locations so you can discuss markets, products and trade ideas. You can check the offering for your country here. We will do our best to make sure any responses related to account queries, that are country specific, are outlines but we can’t promise this.

    When using the IG Community

    • Avoid posting personal information, such as account number/username, passwords or email addresses.
    • Feel free to search the Community before asking a question, as there may already be an answer.
    • Abide by the IG Terms of Service at all times.
    • Do not post anything that contravenes our Terms of Service.
    • Let us know if any posts are breaking the rules, by clicking “Report post” in the top right hand corner of the offending post.
    • Do not post any advertising, spam or solicitation.
    • No excessive advertising or promotion of other providers. We want the forum to be as transparent and open as possible, however please be proportionate. Any excessive  statements which could be construed as advertising will be removed and a warning given. 
    • No gaming the system or disrupting the working of the Community.
    • You are responsible for any posts you make within the Community.
    • Please be nice to each other, remember that everyone has different opinions.
    • Do not post inappropriate content in the community, e.g. racism, personal attacks, graphic imagery.
    • Make your posts informative – it’s more helpful and could get you additional Likes.
    • Say thank you when you’ve received a good reply or answer, and feel free to award a Like if you think it's appropriate.
    • Do not post comments in CAPS, in multiple colours, multiple fonts, or in highly edited, illegible formats. 
    • Do not post excessive links to external websites, or a significant amount of gifs or images with no relevance.
    • Use your common sense, and remember, it's nice to be nice. 

    Finally, please bear in mind

    We reserve the right to delete any content on the IG Community that has broken our Community guidelines or is otherwise illegal, harmful, or inaccurate. We also reserve the right to limit access to the community by temporarily or permanently banning a user from it.

    You need to be at least 18 years old to use the IG Community. These Community Guidelines are in addition to our full Terms/Privacy policy.

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