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Finance ‘fact, but fictionalised’ books
Get involved with a discussion from one of our Community members; "Which interesting finance and trading related books have you read and would recommend? Maybe they don’t need to ALL be specifically like that but any trading books you find interesting. 

I am currently reading Dark Pool by Scott Patterson and it’s very very interesting. I would recommend reading or getting from Amazon or the library if you can. Paperback is a few quid and it’s an interesting read. All about how these matching engines started and pooled liquidity away from the main exchanges. It gives you a good understanding of the “plumbing” behind it all. Also makes more sense when looking at the market. 

I’m the sort of person who would like to read as much around a topic as possible and I think it makes you a better well rounded trader to understand the back end too. Has anyone else got some books to recommend please?"
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Retail sector profit warnings - EMEA brief 23rd July
Fear of an increase in protectionism from the United States causes Asian equity markets to dip. Profit warnings rise 29% quarter on quarter to 58 FTSE listed companies. Retail sector leads the way, and its expected the earnings shall continue due to uncertainty in the future.

Looking ahead, a somewhat quiet start to the week on the economic calendar sees eyes turn to eurozone concerns, with the Bundesbank monthly report and consumer confidence from the eurozone. The US markets will be looking towards US existing home sales figure, following on last week’s disappointing building permits and housing starts figures. The earnings season ramps up, with today’s earnings from Alphabet representing the first heavy hitter to keep an eye out for.
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Dividend Adjustments 23 July - 27 July
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 23rd July 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video. 
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Market Screening for Dividend Opportunities
This article will also look at IGs market screening tool and attempt to come up with some ideas the stocks that could be bought on the basis of the dividend they offer. It seems a good time to at least begin starting to look at stocks that pay a good dividends (begin creating a Watchlist maybe?)  but crucially stocks that also seem capable of continuing to pay that dividend.

The reason for this article is the markets have been a bit turbulent lately: there are various geopolitical events on the horizon (which could trigger panic in the market) but also because with stocks trading near all-time highs it may be more prudent to look for stocks that pay in income (dividend) rather than stocks for future the growth potential. And lastly the previous stock market crash was 10 years ago. That in itself is not a sign of doom, but history repeats, eventually. 😉
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Comcast / Disney bidding war ends - EMEA brief 20th July
The Comcast / Disney bidding war for 21st Century Fox ended yesterday with the former pulling out of the race. Comcast have stated they are still planning on pursuing Sky. Asian equity markets pushed higher overnight over a volatile trading session as the Chinese yuan bounced off a one year low. Trump showed displeasure towards the Fed's hikes, criticising policy and highlighting concerns on the potential impact of rising interest rates on the US economy causing the Dollar to sag.

The losses seen in some of the Asian markets are expected to continue in Europe, with small drops for indices expected. Canadian CPI is the sole macro point of interest, while on the earnings front General Electric and Schlumberger report figures. The US dollar will also be in focus after President Trump commented that further rate increases could derail the economic boom in the US.
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Amazon tips $900bn - EMEA brief 19th July
The trillion dollar valuation race between Apple and Amazon continues with Amazon tipping the $900bn valuation yesterday. GBP continues to take a beating against major world currencies as CPI data yesterday remained unchanged, reducing the likelihood of a rate hike in August. US banking shares continue to do good in earning season as Morgan Stanley profit jump. Oil prices remain volatile but fall amid record U.S. output and stockpiling continues to build.
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UK CPI today - EMEA brief 18th July
Last nights positive speech on the US economy by Federal Chair Person Jerome Powell, combined with some better than expected results from the financial sector to help stage a rebound in US equity markets.

European concerns turn to the UK once more, with the latest inflation data due out this morning. Coming off the back of a somewhat underwhelming UK jobs report yesterday, the market expectations for a strong rise in CPI could be a key determinant of BoE sentiment ahead of their August meeting. Also look out for the eurozone CPI reading, although this is a final revision.

In the US, building permits and housing starts push the agenda onto the housing market, yet with Jerome Powell set to give his second monetary policy testimony in as many days, there is a chance he will grab the headlines. With crude price showing significant volatility over the past week, traders should watch for the US crude inventories figure, following the substantial drawdown in stocks announced last week.
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Earning season continues - EMEA brief 17th July
US corporate earnings have taken the mantle in terms of being at the forefront of driving short term market sentiment. Yesterday a softer results release from Netflix saw the tech sector weaker and in turn the Nasdaq leading declines amongst the major US indices. Oil prices have come under enormous pressure overnight as suggestions that the US may waiver some sanctions on Iran oil.

Looking ahead, a whole host of employment related data points from the UK brings the pound into focus. The dominant figure to look out of comes in the form of the average earnings number, with BoE’s Cunliffe specifically singling out the possible undershooting of wages as a reason to hold off on an August rate hike. Also keep an eye out for the US industrial production figure and an appearance from Fed governor Powell who is due to testify on monetary policy before the Senate Banking Committee.
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Which NEW crypto asset are you most interested in?
We want to know which crypto assets you are most interested in. Use the voting tool below to pick which of the seven you are most interested in (Question 1), and then any other crypto assets you are also interested in (Question 2). Please include your Q1 answer in your Q2 choices.

Votes will remain anonymous, but they could help shape the future of IG. Polls will remain open until July 31st so make sure you cast your vote and share the page with others who you know are interested in crypto.
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Theme overload, Fed's Powell's testimony, China data - DFX key themes
Get on board with this week's key themes as laid out by John Kicklighter. Risk, the Fed and China all play an important role this week and could provide some interesting market movements and opportunities to trade. Help solidify trade ideas with this macroeconomic overview of key themes which the Daily FX website are likely to focus on.
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GDP growth slows in China - EMEA brief 16th July
While Japan's Nikkei Index is closed on account of a banking holiday, most of the other Asian equity markets are trading lower this morning. A slow start to the week has seen losses across Chinese, Hong Kong and Australian markets. A weaker Chinese GDP reading saw the lowest level of growth since 2016 (6.7%), down on the previous 6.8%, however inline with expectations. We also saw a slowdown in fixed asset investment and industrial production, while retail sales provided the one positive reading.

Trade war concerns are likely to continue into this new week, with Trump declaring that the EU, like China and Russia, is a foe of the US. Analysts from UBS speculate that a full blown trade war could knock off up to 20% from the S&P,  25% from European markets, and up to 24% off Asian equity markets.
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Dividend Adjustments 16 July - 20 July
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 16th July 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video. 
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Brent drops 6.9% - EMEA brief 13th July
Brent crude has seen it's biggest decline in 2 years dropping as much as 6.9% yesterday, a huge move for the black gold, on the back of Libya's state owned oil company saying that it is planning on increasing supply to match the current demand increase. They have also said they are looking at opening all four export channels that have been closed for the last month. This comes on the back of significant worries for energy traders with the Trump tariffs constantly knocking on the door, increasing fears that a knock on to global growth is just around the corner.

In the UK, President Trump has been causing mayhem in Europe already this week, and now he brings his special brand of magic to the UK. Having dined with the PM last night, today he is in the papers decrying her Brexit deal, setting us up for a fascinating press conference.
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John Bollinger talks at an IG Scandinavian event
Have a look at an example of our in-person seminars. Earlier this summer we arranged our largest ever event in Scandinavia, with John Bollinger the creator of the technical Bollinger Bands indicator as a keynote speaker. Other speakers included Lee Sandford, an IG client and the founder of Trading College, and our local market analyst, Erik Hansén.

The events, attended by about 450 prospective and live IG clients, were held in Oslo and Stockholm and followed a very similar ‘roadshow’ pattern which some of our other offices in Europe have put on for our client base. It’s always great to meet clients face to face and discuss trade ideas and market opportunity, as well as receive feedback and suggestions about our products.
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Data mining – finding cheap and un-loved stocks using IG filters
Check out an older post by Rimmy2000 from January where he lays out his tips for finding undervalued stocks and potential trade opportunities. Although the data may have changed slightly the principle remains and the guide is still incredibly useful. If you have found it useful or have any questions, please feel free to add them as a comment.
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Market volatility remains - EMEA brief 12th July
Market volatility remains evident throughout Asia, with yesterday’s sharp tumble being followed up by a strong rebound overnight. Chief amongst those gainers were the Chinese markets, which gained ground despite the ongoing trade war with the US. Suggestions that China and the US could resume trade talks has helped boost short term market sentiment. Crude prices were also fighting back in the wake of the biggest one-day decline in more than two years yesterday.

Looking ahead, a relatively quiet European session sees industrial production data from the eurozone take precedence in the lead up to the latest ECB monetary policy minutes. Meanwhile, the US will be keeping a close eye out for the CPI inflation data and unemployment claims number.
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Post in gold market discussion
Have you noticed the lack of a safe haven drive in the gold market lately, and could the PBoC be the reason? Join the IG Community forum to discuss the likelihood and implications of this very interesting article shared by Caseynotes and published yesterday by Sprott Money.

What will the wider impact of this be outside of the gold market? Are the shared articles linked or purely coincidence? Join the conversation and share your views!
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Tariffs spook markets - EMEA brief 11th July
Asian markets were back in the red overnight, as Donald Trump has once again ramped up trade war fears, driving away any optimism built in recent days. With Trump starting the process that will ultimately lead to the imposition of tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, there is reason to believe we are entering the next stage of the trade war between the two countries. Unsurprisingly we have seen losses across the board overnight, with the heaviest falls centred upon the Chinese and Hong Kong markets. US and European futures are trading lower this morning as well.

Looking ahead, central banks are in focus, with appearances from ECB and BoE governors Mario Draghi and Mark Carney. The big event of the day comes in the form of the Bank of Canada rate decision, where the committee is expected to push interest rates higher for the first time in 2018. Also keep an eye out for US PPI, and crude oil inventories data.
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Brexit breakdown? - EMEA brief 10th July
A lack of trade war news is jumped on by Asian equity markets which rally for a third consecutive session. Boris Johnson follows David Davis and resigns from his position of Foreign Secretary sparking speculation of a rebellion. Oil dropped yesterday after Merkel and Li commit to Iran nuclear deal, before supply shortages and strikes in of oil workers in Norway aided the reversal for brent and WTI to finish up. Gold prices inch up amid the continued Brexit uncertainty, whilst subdued dollar assists commodities. 
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Trade wars, brexit and the Fed - DFX key themes
Get a broad macroeconomic overview of three key themes which John Kicklighter from DailyFX thinks will have prominence for the week commencing 9th July. The three areas this week are the Trump trade wars, brexit, and the Fed. Plan your trading week and feel free to ask questions to get the most out of IG.
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Brexit secretary resigns - EMEA brief 9th July
David Davis resigns from his poll position as Brexit secretary. Sterling feels the pinch. Global equity markets rally on US jobs relief, whilst dollar falters. Balanced U.S. jobs data suggest Fed can stay gradual on hikes. Oil inches up whilst gold gains on the weaker dollar.
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Dividend Adjustments 09 July - 13 July
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 9th July 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video.
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Chart updates, crypto pairs, and weekend funding
We recently made a post on Community showcasing a number of ways you can leave feedback and suggest improvements regarding our products and services. I wanted to follow up with our first ever ‘Product Update’ post so you can see some of the recent improvements we have made on the back of our continued two way communication which has helped IG become the global leader.
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'Bellwether' copper slides - EMEA brief 6th July
Copper extends losses on worries about global growth. The metal, seen as a bellwether of economic health, has hit a fresh 11 month low in London's LME. This week alone the metal has shed nearly 5% which has put it on it's steepest weekly drop since mid November 2017.

Fed hints at last nights FOMC that it could raise rates twice more this year. Greenback gains removing some of the earlier gains from GBPUSD. Carney warns that Trumps trade tariffs could damage the global economy knocking up to 2.5 percentage points of global growth over three years, but has warned Trump that these tariffs will hurt the US the most. Carney still upbeat about UK growth.
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Screening for Institutional Buying
How can you see when institutional buying has started on a particular stock? Does this create a trade opportunity which you can jump on to trade the trending stocks move upwards? Community member Caseynotes sets out his findings with discussion relating to the specific 'screener' method below.
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