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  • Trade Rejections on Leverage Accounts (CFDs or Spread Bet)


    In most cases, the reason why your trade was rejected can be found in the Market info tab on the web platform. This can be found under the deal ticket > ‘info’ tab or ‘market info’ on mobile apps 


    What is unborrowable?  

    This is when you are unable to take a short position. If you try to trade online, you will be offered a rejection message and prompted to call into the dealing desk.  

    When you call in, we may be able to offer a short position if you are looking to trade a small size, however we will have to check with the Shares Desk for borrow. All unborrowable stocks are only offered for short positions on the DFB (not Forward Contracts). 

    What is No Controlled Risk? 

    This means you cannot place a guaranteed stop on this market.  

    Why is a stock on Closings only? 

    You will not be able to open new positions on this market, however you will be able to close positions you currently hold. This could happen when the market cap of the stock got reduced, there was a name change, etc. You can contact our helpdesk for more details on the specific market.  


    Why can’t I place orders on US (all sessions) stocks during out of hours trading?  

    When it is pre/post market trading hours you can only place orders using an all-sessions expiry instead of a normal one. The table below illustrates our all sessions trading hours: 





    Aus Time (AEST) 


    UK time (GMT) 


    US stocks 


    00:30 – 07:00 


    13:30 – 20:00 


    US (all sessions) stocks on share dealing from Monday - Thursday 


    22:00 – 08:300 


    11:00 – 21:30 

    US (all sessions) stocks on share dealing on Friday 

    22:00 – 08:00 


    11:00 – 21:00 


    US (all sessions) stocks on leverage from Monday - Thursday 


    19:00 11:00 


    08:00 – 00:00 

    US (all sessions) stocks on leverage on Friday 

    19:00 08:00 


    08:00 – 21:00 


    Do I need to sign the relevant US tax form to trade US stock?  

    Yes, you need to sign the relevant tax form if you want to trade US shares or US incorporated shares outside the USA on leveraged account (CFD/ Spread Bet) account. If the form is not signed, you would be charged $50 on your account. You can find all forms from the link  

    Why have the minimum trade sizes for all markets (including shares) increased?  

    When you first open a live CFD account you receive reduced minimums for a month which are 75% of the standard bet size. Reduced minimum deal or trade sizes, or reduced commission rates for CFD shares, enable you to take a position at 25% of the size that we normally require.  

    This offering is available for the entirety of your first 31 days trading from a live spread betting or CFD account, across all of our markets. 

     f you require support on a different trade rejection, account specific query or information about a different region, please email our helpdesk for more information. 




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