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  • Troubleshooting FAQs


    Basic Troubleshooting FAQs

    New Web Trading Platform

    Basic NWTP troubleshooting steps - try these first

    1. Log out > Close all browser windows > Relaunch browser and log back in.
    2. Try another browser - Chrome is recommended, however, Firefox/Opera are great alternatives to use for troubleshooting.
    3. Try the browser's incognito (private) browsing mode should you not want to try another browser.

    If the above steps do not help, please contact our helpdesk for further assistance.


    Why can’t I see my open positions on the charts?

    1. Ensure that your chart settings are set to show open positions.( press the Hotkey "P" on the keyboard to toggle option to show /hide open positions).
    2. Log out and then back into platform (this solves it most of the time).
    3. Try another browser.

    4.       If the above steps do not help, please contact our helpdesk for further assistance.

    If the above steps do not help, please contact our helpdesk for further assistance.


    When I click “open platform” it loops back to My IG, how do I fix this?


    1. Close all web browser windows. Make sure all windows are definitely closed. Often times this issue is a result of multiple windows holding login sessions for the platform, and simply closing all browser windows down and logging in again will fix it.

    2. Check that your default account is set to an active account on My IG>Settings>Default view. Helpdesk can assist with this if you are not able to access the default view.

    3. Try clearing browser cookies. This is not the preferred option because you will lose saved browser settings, like saved usernames/passwords, etc.




    Basic MT4 troubleshooting steps - try these first:

    1. Check that you are logged in via File > Login to Trade Account on the MT4 terminal:
      Ensure that you are using MT4 account login details and not your IG account details.


    You are logged in correctly if you see green and blue bars with numbers moving in bottom right of the MT4 terminal as illustrated below:


    You are NOT logged in correctly if these bars are red with a message, see some examples illustrated below:


     In this case server is entered incorrectly or you are using demo server for live account and vice versa.


    In this case you have entered the wrong MT4 ID/password. Please see Login FAQs forum for resetting your MT4 password.


    In this case your MT4 account is closed, inactive (etc.), please reach out to helpdesk for further assistance.

    What are the IG Server details?

    Live Servers
    a) IG-LIVE (Case sensitive on mobile MT4)
    b) mt4.ig.com:443

    Demo Servers
    a) IG-DEMO (Case sensitive on mobile MT4)
    b) demo-mt4.ig.com:443


    Basic Troubleshooting steps:

    1. Check DealThru is connected in top right:


    2. Check that you are on Push+ data (Push Datastream) in top right:




    3. Close and relaunch PRT.

    4. If above doesn't resolve the issue, please send a technical report so our IT team can investigate.

    How do I send a technical report?

    1. Locate the main toolbar in PRT:


    2. Click Help > Help Center:


    3. Choose I'm having a technical problem:


    4. Choose relevant option:



    5.  fill in all fields and give as much detail as possible:



    6. Send report:



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