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Bottom line costs of SIPP



Hi Beautiful people,

Would someone kindly bottom line the James Hay fees relating to SIPP.

I am thinking of transferring my ISA and SIPP here from HL.

I presume the ISA is no problem but the SIPP wil be through James Hay.

I've looked at the literature for James Hay Fees in detail but there is too many various things I'm not familiar with e.g. module charges, whole of market charges. I looked in the  "glossary of terms" to understand the terms and better understand the fees but the terms wern't included.

I did smile that the "glossary of terms" includes a description for "In-Specie", when the term "In-Specie" is not used once in the entirety of the document (other than in the glossary)?

Would someone be kind enough to tell me (i trade stocks and CFD from my sipp only) what the costs will be please?

This is the only thing holding me back from joining IG. It is a different class of platform vs HL

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