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Using IG ProRealTime

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So I'm new to trading and have recently started paper trading using the ProRealTime (Demo)  after using the IG web app (demo)  and I have ran into a few things I don't understand.

1. using ProRealTime doesn't feel like how I was spread betting before as now I can only select the QUANTITY of the stocks that I'm buying, but on the web app I could select the SIZE of by bet so it feels like I'm no longer spread betting but instead just buying and selling stocks.

2. Also on ProRealTime I don't understand the leverage when I place an order. An example being that I have £500 in by demo account but for some reason it allows me to execute trades where the stocks are worth a lot more than that and then when I cash out the money I lose/gain is a lot more than I was expecting and I don't know how to control or monitor this leverage.

3. On ProRealTime it won't let me view the amount of money or margin that I have in my account so that I constantly have to flick between the desktop app and the web brower app where it shows me all these details 

 I have a strange feeling that these issues might be individual to having a demo account as I can't find any youtube videos or articles that even talk about these problems. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated or if someone could let me know who I could talk to in order to understand these problems.

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