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Java Platform Closing Down


I have been using the IG supplied ProRealTime for ages then on Friday (9-9-16) evening I started getting Java crashes.  I have cleared the Java Cache, cleared my browser cache etc and unistalled / re-installed Java and none of these actions have worked.  Does anyone else have this problem or does anyone know how to fix it?  The message says 'Java Platform Binary SE has encountered a problem and needs to close'  or words to that effect. If I try the previous version of PRT the message says ' Java Weblauncher has encountered a problem......' 

I would really like to sort this by Monday morning so if anyone has an idea that would be great.




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HI ,


ProRealTime team have been looking into the crashing issue that a number of clients have reported and they believe it to be a problem with Java, rather than something with the charting package itself.

They've asked if you could provide the Java logs from your PC, which can be found in the following folder:




You may need to switch on logging first however. This can done by searching for Configure Java and then open the app result that is returned. Please then switch to the Advanced tab and tick 'Enable logging'.


When the charts next crash, please can you then send in your logs to helpdesk.uk@ig.com.




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