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    • Hi Philo, Keep up the great analysis Been watching and waiting for weeks This next chart is the US 10 yr Yld composite cycle Index - I stopped updating it in 2017, as I'm not interested in Int rates, I might at some point update it to show the next topping of the big cycle but that's decades away - Anyone living in the land of "low rates are here to stay" need to wake up, as over the next few decades rates are going to rise and rise and rise (definitely into double digits) If you are macro based and use Int rates in your analysis, then try to picture the forward projected large BLUE and PINK cycles To give you some scales to the chart - the FAR LEFT is the early 1960's, the PEAK in 1981/2 and the start of the blue flat lining line is 2017 Anyway, over the next few decades you will see a steady gradual rise as the Yld is forced upwards by those cycles THT
    • Thanks for sharing @DifDrama All the best
    • Visa Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Visa Inc., (V:NYSE): 4h Chart 7 December 23 V Stock Market Analysis: We have been moving as expected from the previous update. We are looking for a wave (iv) to then resume higher. This wave (iv) could be sideways as wave (ii) was more of a sharp correction.   V Elliott Wave Count: Wave (iv) of {iii}. V Technical Indicators: 20EMA as support.   V Trading Strategy: Looking for long into wave (v).   TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta           Visa Inc., V: 1-hour Chart 7 December 23 Visa Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis V Stock Market Analysis: Looking for another leg lower into wave c or else more of a sideways consolidating move. Looking to eventually fissnd support on the 38.2% (iv) vs. (iii) at around 250$.   V Elliott Wave count:  Wave c of (iv) V Technical Indicators: 20EMA as support. V Trading Strategy: Looking for longs into wave (v).    
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