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A fantastic week for traders ahead


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Hi guys

So this week seems to be one of the most exciting weeks for traders. The FED in the US comes out with its vig announcement regarding interest rates in the United States.


Market speculation is that there is a 15% chance only off such a hike however, you can never be too sure. The bottom line is this, if they increase interest rates our markets are going sharply lower. And if interest rates remain the same we should see a little more in this bull rally to come. Either way, this may present some very interesting profitable trading opportunities.


Interested to hear your comments.

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Guest Milloony

Thanks for that. I myself will be short next week but mainly on the U.S market. I think the Ftse just doesnt give the volitility a day trader needs at the minute. What are your thoughts for Monday, short or long?

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Hi. It's hard to say as, the market is looking for a catalyst to either drive it up or down. One could argue that Friday is sell-off was some sort of profit-taking due to the early rally that took place the day before.


There is a lot of speculation with regards to the oil producing countries meeting taking place next week.


I think it may move slightly higher but will trade arrange bound

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I also forgot to mention that the election debate will be taking place on Monday. Due to the fact that this is such a tightly contested election, what ever is said at these debates may have some impact on certain sectors off the US stock market.


Clinton comes across as being rather harsh on the pharmaceutical companies and certain statements from her may drive those stocks lower. Trump, on the other hand is proposing a lot of policies that would affect international trade and may affect trading and export stocks as well.


I am not sure how much of an effect this is going to have on the US market but, what I do know is that the market is looking for any kind of catalyst that would either drive it higher or lower due to the fact that owning season only starts in October.

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