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When will my position be closed?At a margin call level of 100%?

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I am demo trading  on IG and getting familiar with the platform, however I see a mixed message about when positions get closed automatically if a margin call is triggered.


On the platform next to Balances there is the percentage of the Equity Used by Margin. It is saying that my positions could be automatically closed if this reaches 100%.

From the screenshot that I have uploaded the Equity Used Percentage of 89.38 % is calculated by ={Margin (£1775.65) / Equity (£1986.58)} * 100

So if the Equity Used reaches 100% my positions or at least one will be closed.

However, if I am looking into the IG Help section I find this page https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/margin/what-is-margin-call that says 




When will my positions be closed?

Standard trading accounts will be triggered for position closure when your equity drops beneath 50% of your margin requirement.



I found an example about it in the forum 



If you had a £5000 starting balance and opened a position with a margin of £300 the following would happen.

At a loss of £4701 (99%) we would aim to send you a notification email.
At a loss of £4775 (75%) we would aim to send you another notification email.
At a loss of £4850 (50% margin, i.e. the market has moved against you and your loss is equal to your spare cash you had on the account, plus half the margin) we would start to close positions.
Your account would be left with £150 (50% of the initial margin used to open the position).


The two scenarios are very different. Yesterday, I actually reached 100% of Equity Used but my positions did not get closed, although I am demo trading, then I am wondering what would happen in a real trading scenario. (and actually I would like to understand it before start trading it with IG).

So which one is the margin call policy of IG?

Many Thanks!


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