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Will someone from IG please respond to my problem with the conversion of shares that I hold in GPAQ to HOFV. For the last 2 weeks emails to customer support and posts on this forum have been ignored. On 2nd July each share that I own in GPAQ should have been converted to 1.42 shares of the new company HOFV (after the SPAC merger). However, this conversion has not taken place on the IG platform (despite the fact that every other broker in the world has managed it) which leaves me unable to buy, sell or have access to the funds tied up in this asset. Up until now I have received no acknowledgement or explanation for this problem and no guidance as to when it might be resolved. In the 2 weeks that HOFV has been trading on the Nasdaq the share price has gone from $12.7 to $5 and being unable to trade this stock (which I am supposed to own) during this time has cost me a lot of money. I am shocked and disappointed with the behaviour of IG, a broker which up until 2 weeks ago I was recommending to other people. I have to admit that I am thoroughly fed up with this whole situation and its time for IG to either give me access to the stock that I own (with the correct conversion), or give me the money back that I paid for the asset in the first place. 

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